Free Anxiety Relief Course

An effective and gentle course where you can learn techniques to use when you feel anxious.

What if you had more control over anxious thoughts and feelings that you thought?

So often people can believe that anxiety has the power, but by learning a few techniques you really can change the energy that anxiety has and feel much better quickly.

Join me on this FREE course and feel better.

Honey Lansdowne

Self Discovery Coach

Course Summary

Anxious thoughts and feelings are tiring. You may find it exhausting. It’s almost like an anxiety about the anxiety.

When you are always thinking ahead ‘just in case’ you are also missing out on living in the present moment. This impacts your happiness and quality of life.

Imagine if you felt more in control of your thoughts and feelings and had techniques to help you do that?

I have put this free course together to help you understand anxiety better and learn a few techniques which really help.

Take back control and feel more calm after just a few days.

This course is easy to follow with video instructions and none of the videos are longer than 10 minutes long so it really fits into even the busiest lives.

You will receive an email each day with a link to that video so it’s very easy to follow and complete the course.

The techniques really work and are safe and suitable for adults and teens.

"Honey genuinely tries to help her clients and she's got the client's best interest at heart. I went to see Honey as I went through a phase of constant worrying. She helped me a lot to regain my confidence and to believe in myself."
- Josephine Sharples

Course Curriculum

If you have any questions at all, please get in touch.

Honey Lansdowne
Self Discovery Coach

I’ve been helping people with their personal development and mindset for over 20 years.

You always have more power than you think. Your mind is designed to protect you and letting go of fear and doubt can feel daunting but it isn’t when you know how.

Open up to new ways of thinking and new possibilities and feel better and more at ease with yourself and with the world around you.